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Start Living the Life God Intended for You.

Renew your mind. Connect with God. Grow exponentially.

Faith First living & Mindset coaching


5 signs you Are not living your God-given purpose

  • You experience disconnectedness from your day to day work

  • You yearn for more intimacy with God and others you love

  • You experience overwhelm more than not

  • You’ve invested in a variety of different expert resources to “get help", and you are still not seeing the results you want

  • You’re heading towards burnout and you know something needs to change, but you aren’t sure what


professional success coaching

What is Professional Success Coaching?

Professional Success Coaching is about providing a space to create what is possible in a world that commonly focuses on what is impossible. By creating a container in which we can agree to work, we can remain curious without risk and explore life in a new way which leads to new results.

I had a mentor, Carolyn Freyer-Jones, who once told me Professional Success Coaches are like gardeners. We tend the soil, give love and light and space to the seedling and support it as it grows, even if slowly. Sure, we can provide some fertilizer when needed but at the end of the day the plant is the one doing the work as it sprouts, buds, and grows into a strong sturdy plant relishing in the sunshine.

Professional Success Coaches are not consultants. Instead we believe that each of us intuitively knows the answers even if deep down inside. It is this capability which allows exponential growth as clients become masterful at awareness, insight and creating a new homeostasis for themselves within the coaching process. The beauty of coaching is in the unknowingness, because therein lies the secret.

Why would I need coaching?

Many people wonder why they would even need a coach.

What is Faith First Living?

Faith First Living and Mindset Coaching is a unique approach to Life Coaching. I use faith-based principles, practices, and faith-inspired methods to support my clients through their journey. My clients transform radically in a beautiful and faithful way as they go on the journey from discovering their Calling, to growing closer to God, to living into their purpose, to creating something magical in their life to live their purpose more fully. Sometimes this is manifested as a legacy, in other clients it manifests as a new perspective or skill they bring to their existing business or job. In all forms, Faith First Living is an amazing way to live life.

Who I work with

My clients have a lot of stories. All un-powerful stories based on past trauma, toxic environments, and other fearful situations. This causes to live lives largely driven my fear, and sometimes it isn’t recognizable as fear. These stories are painful and often tucked away deep inside. Time and time again I get clients who do decades of therapy or work only to realize remnants of the story still are very present for them. We work through these stories to create the truth - a new powerful story as God intended for them.

Because of this my clients are often fearful, however they do not use fear as an excuse. They don’t use it as an excuse to not make changes they viscerally feel are “right”, “necessary”, or “God-given”. They understand fear is part of the process and are willing and open to staying curious in the fear, leaning on God’s strength to step into the unknowingness and trust in Him.

My clients are leaders, high performers, and team players. They understand and appreciate our work together is a partnership. In this partnership I show clients how to honor their true emotions, all those feelings they don’t want to share with the outside world for fear of being judged, disliked, or shunned. They learn the importance of compassion with oneself and become masterful at practicing it. My clients become comfortable with resistance and what’s required to move through it effectively.

Time after time my experience is that when a client is given the space, time, and permission to simply slow down, something magical happens. Their mind connects with their heart, and they can finally feel again. God’s love, presence, is there with them intuitively. In this sacred space is where miracles can occur, and this is often the space omitted in our day to day lives.

Agreements are central to the work I do with my clients and are the foundation for a strong, empowering relationship. The clients I work with are open to creating these powerful agreements which enable them to see themselves, their life, and others with fresh perspective. They are committed to fulfilling the agreements even when they don’t want to, and honor the tough discussions that potentially ensue because someone is not holding to the agreement. My clients see the agreements as a metaphor for their life and business and appreciate the insight gleaned through this work. They appreciate how challenging this work can be and agree to show up over and over again despite the challenges and how low on energy they might feel. I agree to do the same. I continually show up over and over again for my clients because I believe in them. God gave His only son for them and I know His purpose for my clients is greater than any other.

If you’d like to explore whether working together would support you, contact me and we will schedule a conversation.

In working together you will (re)discover the roots of your faith as told to us in the Word, and individually discern what messages God has laid before you in your life. You will leave with conviction and clarity in God’s unique purpose for you as we reflect through the wisdom of the Word and your personal Calling.

Why I care

I am deeply passionate about helping women of faith discover, fully live into, and transform their God-given Calling into something they can do for a living.

Personally, I ignored my messages from God when He was nudging me and this was a grave mistake that cost me years in fulfillment. When I finally decided to make the leap I jumped in head first. I hired all the best coaches, mentors and signed up for online courses. It was when I was over $100,000 in debt that I realized I finally had no choice but to do something different because I still wasn’t seeing the results I felt I should have.

It came down to these two pieces of information:

  1. I lacked clarity on my precise calling and how to serve God in the process. This is why I integrate faith into my coaching, to help support other women of faith going through exactly what I was going through.

  2. I had not done some of the deep personal work required to be successful and attract the right type of clients. This is done in partnership with God and I will be the first to tell you that after 20 years of personal development work, therapy, and more I thought I had dealt with the past. It has a sneaky way of catching up to us, and only with God as your partner are you able to truly redeem yourself in His grace.

It's my promise to help you to start living the life God intended for you to live so you can become the person He wants you to be. You will renew your mind, connecting with God and Jesus Christ on a much deeper level, and growing yourself exponentially in the process.

Contact me to set up a time to talk. I’d love to hear from you.

with love and gratitude,


3 Steps to start living the life God planned for you

STEP 1 — Contact me directly so we can schedule a date and time to talk. If you are a super-prepared person, here is a template you can fill out before our call.

STEP 2 — In our call I will provide you with an honest assessment of your business and personalized recommendations to achieve your goals

STEP 3 — Execute the custom plan with support, or without, totally up to you. The plan has 4 simple steps to execute and can be done well within 90 days.

Contact me if you are ready to make changes so you can live into your potential, and I will be in touch with you within 2 business days. 

How has God has been speaking your purpose to you?

Learn more about your Life Purpose and Calling in less than 15 minutes.

Download your FREE Live Into Your Calling Purpose Finder document

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.
— Proverbs 3:5 - 6 (NIV)

Resources to help you live the life God intended for you


With my unique fusion of Faith First Living & Mindset Coaching we put you on a customized path to ensure your faith is aligned in all areas of your life and business. I personally help you create a your faith-driven business vision and plan that will result in revolutionizing your business, connecting with clients on a deeper level, and exponential growth for you business.

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Connect with myself and other women of faith who are striving to:

  • Grow closer to God and reap the rewards (Galatians 6:9)

  • Expand their capacity in life and business (1 Corinthians 3:7)

  • Relinquish control, worry, anxiety and doubt to Him (Psalm 27:1 and John 4:18)

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This self-paced online course and study group allows for you to integrate Faith First Living & Mindset Coaching at your own pace. You will revolutionize your business, connect with clients on a deeper level, and grow your business in less than 90 days.

A free trial is available so don’t hesitate to start your progression. Start now!

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Plan ahead with God

As a Christian mompreneur, you need a simple but powerful way to set goals that keep you grounded and focused on God’s calling for your life. This guide will have you approaching and honoring your goals in a G.O.D.L.Y. way. I am confident you will have a whole new perspective and a renewed excitement for the process of goal setting for your faith based business. To gain instant access, simply enter your name and email address, check your inbox and confirm your subscription ⤵

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