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Expert Coach to High-Performing, Elite Entrepreneurs. 

I help Entrepreneurs become Elite by increasing their personal and business capacity without sacrificing the dream of living a life they love.

With my unique business consulting and expert high-performance coaching, I not only help you create a Done With You business vision and plan that will result in attracting massive clients and customers, exponential growth for you business, and personal transformation. 

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Are you a Coach, Author, Speaker, Expert, Consultant, Freelancer, Blogger, Podcaster, Photographer, Services Provider, Consultant, or Digital Marketer?

Aspire To Be International is a one-of-a-kind community that provides a TRUSTED space to get input from like-minded Entrepreneurs, benefit from crowd thinking, share best practices, and receive education and training from coaching and industry experts on a weekly basis. 

We guarantee you will GROW, CONNECT, and COLLABORATE in new ways to exponentially expand your business.

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Free resources, training, honest opinion, and inspiration to encourage you to overcome the obstacles holding you back from becoming who you are meant to be while still staying true to what matters most in your life. 

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I’m Kendra.  My husband and two children mean the world to me. They, combined with my faith are the center of my universe. All things I do, I do in faith and to provide for my family. 


I recently transitioned from the corporate world to become an Momrepreneur so I could live to my full potential, serve in faith, and be a better mother. In my business I devote myself to helping driven Momrepreneurs live to their full potential in life and in business while keeping faith and family as a their top priority. 

When I look back at my life I always knew I wanted to serve in a more meaningful way than I was at my Corporate job.Even as a executive the work felt “empty.” 

It was not so long ago, May of 2017 to be exact, I woke up to realize I was miserable in my corporate job and completely unfulfilled. I remember feeling lifeless as I got out of bed, dreading the mornings, which was not typical for my peppy personality. I always had big aspirations and visions but they were no longer within sight with all the long hours, grueling politics, and unconventional thinking surrounding me. My desire to create and think big was squashed by corporate culture, and I knew my purpose was not to be meeting status quo. I wanted a better life where I could truly share my gifts with people to serve in the best possible way to help humanity. 

My formula is simple. I am here to help, nudge, listen, and support. Tactically, I leverage my twenty plus years of strategic planning and ten years of leadership along with my three years as a executive to deliver a truly unique experience combining high-performance life and business coaching, business strategy, leadership development, and change management methodologies. I share strategies and tactics I personally used to accomplish life balance, higher productivity, and higher returns. My #1 objective is to provide driven Momrepreneurs with the quintessential skills and confidence so they can do it too.

And to help further support Momtrepreneurs, I have built a community for support, networking, idea sharing, and a platform for personal development and training. It’s called Aspire to Be International. We are currently building the platform and I’d love to have you join us here.

When I am not spending time outdoors or doing creative projects with my two active boys and my extraordinary husband, I am undoubtedly on a call with a coaching client or speaking at a conference to someone like yourself. 

If you are a driven, dynamic Momtrepreneur or you simply have entrepreneurial spirit, I’d love to hear from you and learn about you, your story, and your business aspirations. I am confident you’ve got great things in store. I can’t wait to find out together! 



Mompreneur. Collaborator. High-Performance Coach & Speaker. Business Strategist. Animal Lover. Fitness Enthusiast

My Faith and Family shape me, drive me, and fulfill me.

Dynamic Mompreneur Manifesto

Dream Big. Don't let anyone ever tell you No. Or it's not Possible.

Believe in yourself. Find your inner power. Evolve.
Become the best version of you.

Add incredible value to the world. Always accept accountability.

Be quick to admit when you are wrong.
Learn from others when they are right.

Bring out the best in other people. Pay it forward.

Debunk myths and break stereotypes. Always put family first.

Serve to make the world a better place. And most importantly, remain humble.


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