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Vision Mapping Workshop

The key to achieving success is having a clear, documented Vision Map. Whether a corporation, a start-up, or budding entrepreneur vision mapping is essential for you to not only achieve your goals and objectives but to be successful in business. This is Kendra’s most popular workshop.

By the end of our time today you will walk away with:

  • A clear Vision statement dictating where you want to be in 5-10 years
  • 3 Strategies directly aligned to supporting your Vision, and covering critical business areas like Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Partners & Alliances, and IT & Systems/Operations
  • 2-4 Programs for each Strategic area
  • Metrics to measure your success, help you gauge accuracy, iterate your Programs, and more

This session is a hands-on working session for all levels in corporations and organizations – Boards, C-Suite, Exec teams, Organization Leaders with L1 Managers, and small teams.

Length: Varies depending on group size (90 minutes – 1.5 days, Audience size: Ideally less than 25 people

Mastering Accountability for Life Training

Accountability is a key reason most people don’t succeed in meeting their goals and objectives. In this session the audience will learn about themselves, why accountability is important and why it’s necessary to be truly authentic in life and work. Kendra will share strategies and tactics so you can immediately start experiencing the freedom that comes with true and authentic accountability.

Teams will learn strategies, techniques, and get tangible tools to help them:

  • Learn what authentic accountability is
  • Why accountability is important in work and life
  • Overcome fear that comes with accountability
  • Collaborate with others to create accountability teams
  • Become an accountability partner – a partner will be assigned during the class along with weekly check-in worksheet and the first 30 days of assignments

Length: 60-90 minutes, Audience size:  25 – 50 people is ideal, can be offered to groups up to 100

    Persistence with Purpose Training

    Persistence is a great quality and one that should not be taken for granted. However, if you don’t have a clear vision, objective, or intention then it can work against you. Purposeful persistence keeps your vision and ultimate objective in mind while keeping intentions rooted in building rapport. In this session Kendra will review the principals to persistence with purpose. The audience will learn how to keep themselves in balance with clear sight on their vision and objective even during stressful times. Great for anyone in a sales role, customer-facing role, or for cross-functional team leaders. 

    Teams will learn strategies, techniques, and get tangible tools to help them:

    • Understand persistence – why it’s good and when it’s bad
    • Uncover their purpose in life and work
    • Realize their ultimate vision, objective to better align their day to day efforts with their ultimate goal
    • Stay true to their vision, objectives and intentions

    Length:  60-75 minutes, Audience size:  25 – 50 people is ideal, can be offered to groups up to 100



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