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Our journey with Christ can seem very lonely and we’re constantly being persecuted more and more each day. This became even more relevant to me when I began my entrepreneurship journey, building my coaching and speaking business, and I didn’t have faith-based support outside of the church and my home. I desperately sought after this in my business mentors, coaches, education and learning to further advance my skills, and in communities. There wasn’t a place that had it all, and this was frustrating and disappointing. 

This experience is exactly why I created Live Into Your Calling, both the full membership site and online course. I value the marriage of education, lessons, leadership and personal development, coaching, community, and Bible study and  designed my programs so you can decide what supports you best, without feeling like you’re missing out.

I guarantee you will love the experience and to give you my word, I offer you a 14 day free trial.

Flexible options to support you, your way. 

A Christ-driven community experience.

I designed this fun, inspirational faith-based membership community to offer a completely different kind of faith-based community experience to support you on your journey with Christ.

Our content is intentionally holistic. We cover topics like leadership of self and others, relationship with God & Christ, relationship with self, discovery and fulfillment of life purpose, creating a faith-based business, Bible study in today’s reality, and hard and soft skills and training for leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and career people.

Our one-of-a-kind experience provides you:

  • Leadership of self and others, skills and trainings.
  • Bible study sessions, and what can be learned and applied to our day to day lives.
  • How to leverage a community of like-minded entrepreneurs on a similar journey.
  • How to access God’s desired state for us: self-acceptance, self love, personal power (through Him), increased self confidence, and joy.
  • Lessons on discovery and fulfillment of your life purpose and calling
  • Encouragement through thoughtful posts, a weekly devotional and intention, videos on Bible study topics and real life experiences, Facebook Lives, and ongoing support available through Q&A sessions with Kendra and a contributing Pastor.
  • Coaching support (both life and business), and if you’re a coach we offer skills for you to add to your resume.
  • If you join the Live Into Your Calling Membership Community today you will get two weeks on us (no fees)  to check out the high-value, rich content that takes life and success coaching principles, leadership and personal development, business and marketing consulting, and Bible study to the next level.

Learning through God's Word.

Learning through God’s Word has proven to be the most impactful for me. As I started on my journey into entreprenuership, building my coaching and speaking business, I didn’t have faith-based support outside of the church and my home. I desperately sought it in my business mentors, coaches, education and learning to further advance my skills, and in communities.

I designed this online course to specifically provide a faith-based perspective of finding your life purpose, discovering your personal and professional calling, leaning into God and Christ to fulfill your purpose, and how to build a legacy (if you so choose).

In the online course I share and reassure the life we want and dream of is possible by first seeking Freedom in Him.

“In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” — Ephesians 3:12

In the lessons you will follow 4 simple steps. It’s what I call the FREEdom Method.

STEP 1 – Finding your truth and discovering your Calling

STEP 2 – Rejoining with Him and Respondingto His Calling (of you

STEP 3 – Eliminatingnegativity from your life to clear your path for succes

STEP 4 – Executionof your Calling to create a profitable business and legacy

Through this process, with God and the Holy Spirit as you life coach, I guide you through discovering your life purpose, and living a more fulfilling life as you co-create with Him on how to integrate your calling into your day to day life. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • ~15 hours of content (lessons and exercises)
  • ~4-5 hours of video lessons
  • Worksheets to support you through the process
  • Clarity on your purpose and how to build a legacy in less than 30 days.

"I'm becoming myself more each day " - Brenda Nona

The Live Into Your Calling membership experience is awesome. The online course, the community, content and Kendra’s coaching provided me with what I couldn’t find elsewhere – strong alignment between God, my life,  and mu work. The Live Into Your Callling community has expanded my life, my relationships, and as a result my business has grown. Kendra’s warm and inspiring approach and tools have amplified me so I am now living the life I know God intended for me to live – without overwhelm, stress, and guilt. I absolutely recommend this community and course to anyone considering it. 

G.O.D.L.Y. Goal Mappingwill help you learn more about your life purpose and God's calling of you in less than 15 minutes.

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