A Relationship Unlike Any Other

All coaching is, is taking a person where he or she can’t take themself.
— Kendra Dahlstrom [adapted from Bill McCartney quote]

About Coaching with me

Private, one on one coaching is very intimate and not easy work.  My clients open up to a new level of courage, self-compassion, and wisdom they often did not recognize prior. These characteristics serve them deeply in our work together but also in their lives forever more.

Each of us has our beliefs, judgments of our self and others, past hurts, and fears. These all get in the way of us really living the life we want to be living. I have lived this too, and that is why I chose to leave a lucrative career in corporate to do this work. I believe in it because I have done it myself and see the possibility of what is available or each and every one of us daily.

“If you don’t change anything, then nothing changes” is a famous quote and it rings truth. Hiring a coach is a serious decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You are considering it because you want to make real change in your life. You desire transformation and something more. This is a deep partnership where we create everything between us from start to finish, and in this partnership we understand and hold strong agreements with each other. Sometimes this may be uncomfortable, and sometimes it may be hard to hear. In my eyes, the role of a great coach is to serve you rather than please you.

Investing in coaching is not a real thing. Instead, I believe, you are investing in what it is worth to you to have the possibility of your problems dissolved, happiness restored, a life created that you dream of…the list is endless. The coach’s role is merely your guide to keep you on track, nudge you, and share what they are seeing that you might not see. You are the hero in this journey.

The investment is something people often get hung up on and I can tell you from personal experience the money is the least of the equation. The real work comes in the time, commitment, openness, willingness, and action.

(Time + Commitment + Openness + Willingness + Action) + money = RESULTS

In our agreement, we tackle all this together. There is strength in the partnership and this allows for us to address things that would be avoided or brushed off in the past. This is the power of a strong coaching and client agreement.

Are you ready?

What Clients Say...

Angela is CEO of her own business and a 30 year veteran of photography, and she provides an experience of a lifetime for her clients (not just photos).

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Erin is CEO of Mommi, a company that designs products to help women be healthier and to live better.

Brenda is a Network Marketing Professional on the rise who helps her clients “see” the outcome they desire so they can live it.

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Nicci is a Life Coach, Registered Nurse, Speaker, and Author who helps women in Christ through workshops, retreats, and group coaching.


Kendra Dahlstrom is a coach, speaker, and author who practices deep listening to free her clients from a life of self-disregard, hate, and codependencies. Through her tender, loving guidance she offers fresh perspectives and allows clients the freedom to be the truest version of themselves so they can heal, fulfill their purpose, and find their flow.