11-Week Business Turnaround Group Coaching Program

11-Week Business Turnaround Group Coaching Program

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This 11-Week Group Coaching Program was designed to help mompreneurs dive into their business in a reasonable timeframe, allowing them to deliver results quickly while not feeling overwhelmed by the need to work fast and furious to make everything “perfect.”

It’s delivered via live coaching sessions instead of on-demand because you will get more out of the sessions this way, and also learn from each other. 

The content was specifically designed to help you blaze ahead by: 

  • Assessing your existing business vision and strategy
  • Identifying and working through blocks
  • Finding your unique “something” you can leverage to stand out from the rest 
  • Developing an updated business vision and strategy with your newfound perspective
  • Forming collaborative relationships to fuel your business for years to come
  • Positioning yourself as an expert

It includes:

  • Eleven 60-min group sessions (1/wk)
  • One 30-min bonus 1:1 session (at end of 11 weeks)
  • Weekly Hot Seat coaching sessions in each call during the 11 weeks. Kendra will select a different person each week to share so you can be our teacher and we can all learn together
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook community to share ideas, realizations, thoughts, concerns, etc. 
  • A business strategy roadmap you can utilize for your business moving forward and adjust year to year


The value of the time, resources and the business strategy template is $3,900. I am offering for $799 because as a mompreneur myself I know we carry the stress of caregiving on top of helping to make ends meet.

**If you pay in full in advance you will receive a $150 credit (price is $749). 


Do let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to walk you through the program and details personally. 


With Love, 


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