Helping organizations and leaders become effective and influential


Corporate Leadership Coaching and Training

Corporate leadership coaching and training focuses on the transformation of individuals, teams and organizations within the construct of the corporation.  The work is often customized to serve whatever needs strengthening. The most popular objectives I work against for corporations are:

Increasing productivity through communication and soft skills enhancement

Boosting morale in employees and management

Grooming aspiring leaders for recession planning

Increasing effectiveness and influence

Maintaining harmony as a caregiver at home and a leader at work (for women)

The structure of the agreement and the engagement depends on your needs, the objectives, the size of the organization and teams, and the timeline.

Past clients include: SGI, Intuit Surgical, Abbott Laboratories, KLA Tencor, Women Unlimited, Successful Women of Central Valley, National Association of Realtors, and several entrepreneurs.

- becoming significantly more effective as a sales team, increasing a C-suite's ability to communicate with each other with greater ease, or coaching teams to create clearer agreements that lead to increased productivity.