Dear Meeting Planner,

Many factors are key in order to host a successful event and one of the most important is hiring the right speaker. I pride myself on being a true partner in your event planning process because I want your event to be as big of a success as you do. 

I go the extra mile for my clients because I understand the broader experience you desire your attendees to have. I offer end-to-end services to ensure the best possible experience.

These include:

  •  A pre-event activity (webcast or video, etc.) to engage and pump up attendees before the event
  • Engagement with key stakeholders or participants prior to the event to customize content to help ensure 100% resonance  (with company and event planner approval)
  • Availability at the event before and after the presentation to mingle with event goers to answer questions, build rapport, offer a helping hand as I am able
  • Book signing sessions
  • Post-event engagement model including monthly webinars for up to 12 months to keep momentum going and social media community to drive accountability to help the change stick

When you hire me for your next event, you can expect nothing less than my full presence and engagement, excellent execution, professionalism, an informative and inspiring talk, and pure class.

Let's make this an amazing event!

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During my keynotes and workshop training, the audience will gain insight and walk away knowing how to implement the tactics I teach them immediately. 

The audience will gain insight about: 

  • What leadership is and is not
  • High Performance Leadership (11 Pillars) 
  • Why personal story influences relationships
  • Why accountability is the toughest quality to master
  • How to build empowered and engaged teams 

The audience will leave knowing how to: 

  • Act like a High Performing Leader
  • Groom all subordinates to become High Performing Leaders 
  • Share personal story to increase trust and build rapport with teams and customers
  • Create a culture of accountability 
  • Build empowered and engaged teams to maximize results

Keynote Topics:


the happiness Hack


Life before work

The majority of your team lack transparency because they are reluctant to share thoughts and opinions that may question the wisdom of their superiors and puts their job at risk. As a result, the company loses out on hearing creative ideas that could boost productivity and miscommunication happens which slows everything down. In this enlightening talk, the audience will feel brave enough to reveal their best ideas, speak up and work collaboratively as a team. The result?  Happier employees and a high functioning team that produces more and boosts your bottom line. 

The audience will leave knowing how to:

  • How to identify what's holding your business back
  • How mindset and way of "being" is responsible for results
  • How to boost creativity and innovation
  • How to build this new perspective into your culture

Length:  45-60 minutes, Audience size:  100+

The Unexpected Answer to Being a Top Performer

When employees overwork, they often become exhausted, stressed and disconnected from themselves which impacts their ability to deliver innovation and their best value to the workplace. Long term, they experience depression, anxiety and health problems which causes missed work and resentment to the job. In this strategic talk, the audience will learn how to excel at work by prioritizing their personal life, their core needs are and tapping into their deeper purpose so they can be nourished, focused and eager to be a top performer when at work.

The audience will leave knowing how to:

  • Identify what is holding you back
  • Learn what work-life balance really is
  • Think differently about yourself and your work
  • Hold yourself and other accountable to this new way of "being" so you can see results
  • Tips on how to assemble your day to allow for what matters to you most - your family, friends, and wellness - and still get the results you want

Length:  45-60 minutes, Audience size:  100+

    The 11 Pillars of Bold Leadership


    What is leadership? What is it not? We often think we need to fit a cookie cutter mold to be a leader or be coined "leader material." Kendra debunks this myth by sharing proven strategies, real stories, and her life experience as she rose to becoming a bold leader.  She wants your audience to realize they are all leaders and she will show them how to become not just a run of the mill leader, but a bold leader.

    Kendra shares strategies and techniques on how to:

    • Realize you’re natural born potential and eliminate your inner critic
    • Nurture your leadership skills
    • Apply your unique story and the 4 P's (personality, passion, perspective and pedigree) to add value
    • Integrate the 11 pillars into your daily life
    • Think differently about yourself and your work
    • Master accountability your life and work
    • Build empowered teams with bold leaders
    • Develop rapport by sharing your authentic self and story

    Length:  45-60 minutes, Audience size:  100+

    While these are some of my most requested topics, I can also tailor content to meet your specific and unique objectives and the overall tone of your event to ensure your audience is inspired and entertained. So let's start the conversation today so I can learn more about your next event.