Conscious leadership increases effectiveness and influence regardless of existing circumstances.


Conscious Leadership Coaching and Training

Conscious leadership coaching and training focuses on the transformation of individuals, teams and organizations within the construct of the corporation.  The work is often customized to serve whatever needs nurturing and strengthening. The most popular objectives I work against for corporations are:

Increasing productivity through communication and soft skills enhancement

Boosting morale in employees and management

Grooming aspiring leaders for recession planning

Increasing effectiveness and influence

Maintaining harmony as a caregiver at home and a leader at work (for women)

The structure of the agreement and the engagement depends on your needs, the objectives, the size of the organization and teams, and the timeline.

Past clients include: SGI, Intuit Surgical, Abbott Laboratories, KLA Tencor, Women Unlimited, Successful Women of Central Valley, National Association of Realtors, and several entrepreneurs.

Popular Workshop Topics:

Conscious Leadership: Expectations vs. Agreements

We have two choices in how we relate to others in this world.  We can have expectations, or we can create powerful agreements. These two words hold a lot of power even when we hear or say them, and we can feel the difference it creates for us in terms of willingness, motivation, and empowerment. 

In this session, we will uncover why expectations statistically lead to disappointment, resentment, and a feeling of shame or guilt when they are not met. And, we will learn how to create powerful agreements as an alternative.  We will discuss the impact on yourself, organizations, corporations at large, and interviewing; and you will get some real-world examples of how this plays out. 

Conscious Leadership: Pleasing vs. Serving

We are brought into the world learning to please - pleasing our parents, pleasing teachers, pleasing friends, the list goes on. As we are introduced into the adult working world we find this no longer serves us, and often gets in the way of our ability to advance through the ranks, create real financial success, and to feel at ease with ourselves daily.


In this session, we will talk about the distinction - pleasing vs. serving. 

We will uncover why pleasing is counterproductive to what we really want to achieve, and we will learn how we can show up in service as a powerful alternative.  We will discuss the impact of showing up in service vs. pleasing has on you personally, and corporate cultures.  Through our discussion we will talk about real-world examples of how this plays out so you gain clarity on how you can incorporate and share with your constituents. 

Thank you to Steve Chandler, a mentor of mine for sharing these distinctions with me so that I may change my life and empower others to do the same.