High-Performance Coaching For Women of Faith

Seeking Him to Serve Others (Matthew 6:33)

We must first seek Him, and acknowledge His reign before we can grow as a person, mother, wife, leader, or otherwise. Then, and only then are we able to serve for Him and truly help others in alignment with our God-given Calling.
— Kendra Dahlstrom

My clients are virtually all living the same life, in one way or another. 

Your desire is to "feel" and "experience" true joy.

Your passion is to deeply connect with Him, yet you struggle with believing you are good enough to reap the benefits of His unconditional love, mercy, grace and power. 

After all, you've lived a life of wondering if God would really ever forgive you for your wretched mistakes (sins). You were shocked and so relieved when you realized He forgives you, and it was you who was having the hard time forgiving. 

You are: 

  • A woman of committed faith who has always felt him "speaking" to you

  • A deep empath who has learned to shut off the world because it's too much to bear at times

  • So fixed on serving others that you have become disconnected with what you truly want in your life

  • Unfulfilled, unmotivated doing your current job, and you yearn for something "more"

  • Vivaciously curious about what God has in store for you and are keen to explore it

He's Calling you, now it's time to no longer brush it aside. Take action towards Him. 

I invite you to schedule time with me so we can, together, explore what God has in store for you. I guarantee it is beyond what you imagined and I am fully confident you can partner with Him in an entirely new way to create it. 

What Clients Say About Kendra….

Angela is CEO of her own business and a 30 year veteran of photography, and she provides an experience of a lifetime for her clients (not just photos).

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Erin is CEO of Mommi, a company that designs products to help women be healthier and to live better. 

Brenda is a Network Marketing Professional on the rise who helps her clients “see” the outcome they desire so they can live it.

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Nicci is a Life Coach, Registered Nurse, Speaker, and Author who helps women in Christ through workshops, retreats, and group coaching.

Other Coaching Opportunities

Online Courses and Programs

It's time to answer your Calling.

Your Tired. Your Overwhelmed. Your Unfulfilled.

Grow closer to Him as you fully discover, live into, and transform your God-given Calling into a profitable business. (Hebrews 11:6)


Take Action Towards Him.

A one-of-a-kind Faith-based online course experience where you will discover and learn how to live fully into your Calling so you can transform it into a profitable business, while surrounded with strong, like-minded women of Faith. "Show Him your faith by your works." (James 2:18)


Kendra Dahlstrom is a Christian Business Strategy and Life Coach who helps women of faith discover, fulfill, and transform their God-given Calling into a profitable business. As a woman of faith, deep empath, and a former executive in High Technology, she applies her unique cross-section of spiritual, life strategy and business acumen to help clients grow their businesses to six and seven figures in record time in her signature Live Into Your Calling coaching program.