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Are you a high-performing, driven Entrepreneur looking to become Elite?

If you answer "Yes" to any of the below, then you're in the right place. 

• You are looking for a completely different way to build your business, one that leads with community over competition
• You have  bought programs in the past but left on your own to find the connections and partnerships to move your business forward
• You have worked with a coach 1 on 1, experienced real breakthroughs but no real connections to leverage or tap into to after your coaching sessions were over
• You have been ready to lock arms and collaborate but not provided the right resources or opportunities to keep sharpening your skills and bring your knowledge, expertise and experiences full circle to put them into practice
• You don't want to build your business with cookie cutter strategies and tactics currently being taught
• You see the value in collaborating with other like-minded Entrepreneurs to leverage each other's networks to build rapport and referrals 

We get it. Being in business for yourself can feel frustrating when you feel like you are on your own to find clients to work with in a noisy and brutally competitive industry. 

Aspire To Be was created out of the huge need we saw for high-performing, driven Entrepreneurs who want to change the world and know they need to be in the top 3% of their industry to make an impact. Who believe and understand the strong correlation between mindset and leadership to success and consistent growth. 

Our unique approach and group...

Is a place where you aren't just going to be given re-worded golden nuggets that everyone else is talking about or where you will find a lot of buzz words that sound good but don't give any real value. We aren't offering recorded programs that leave you left all on your own to figure out how to implement the information.

We are in it with you by your side every step of the way, encouraging you, problem solving, and celebrating your successes and sharing them with our network of 150k+ followers. 

As natural connectors...

We open our strategic relationships to you where we see a good fit bringing you a cumulative 40+ yrs  of experience in business strategy, leadership, public speaking, marketing and branding and 80+ yrs in life strategy, and over 10 in coaching. 

We’ve worked hard to develop these relationships so don’t take them lightly. We reserve them for you, those who aspire to be in the top 3% in your field and are willing to do the work. 

Our community and programs are specifically designed with you in mind. 




We help Entrepreneurs become Elite without the sacrifice of living the life they love.


Aspire to Be International is different than other communities. We offer a unique platform for you to not only network with like-minded Entrepreneurs so you can scale and grow your business but also a place for you to get support and share ideas as well as the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, learn about business strategy, hear from niche experts, and advance in personal development. We are an intersection of collaboration platforms and social communities.

Aspire to Be was created to connect like-minded, high-performing, driven Entrepreneurs who are interested in collaborating to level-up their businesses. Our members understand that competition is not the way to grow a prosperous business, however partnership is. We come together inside a community ready to share, build and grow together so we can all succeed!

As a member you will be given premium tools, resources, connections and community
needed to scale your business quickly and effectively by leveraging these three key areas: 

- GROW -

• Participating in best in class business & life coaching programs
• One on one time with successful coaches
• Exponentially increasing your reach using community members' trusted network vs using only your own
• An exclusive high-performance Coaching session with Kendra Dahlstrom and/or Alison McCann so you can expand your business and life fully
• Access to invaluable content like leadership training, business strategy coaching, and personal development opportunities with some amazing coaches and niche experts.


• Getting the word out quickly about your business and offerings
• Gaining visibility within the community to attract clients
• Access to the private Facebook community where you can share ideas, best practices, help solve challenges, benefit from swarm thinking, develop lasting connections with other Aspire to Be International colleagues so you can scale your business quicker than trying to do it all on your own
• Creating lasting partnerships and referrals for your business
• Leveraging the aggregate community


• A featured Q&A Cameo spotlight is a great opportunity to share a little about yourself and get some internet press! We put your beautiful headshot on it and blast it in a post to Facebook and LinkedIn.
• Opportunity to provide value driven content for the community throughout the week that highlights your skill sets and expertise. This allows you to position yourself as an expert in your niche. You may post any day of the week and as often as you'd like. 

We love that you are considering joining us!

We would love to have you be a part of this growing community of dynamic women in business so we can, together, help humanity by lifting up Entrepreneurs around the globe. Is our community for everyone? No. Our goal is to provide an intimate community where we can pour our experiences and expertise into and our membership pricing reflects that vision to serve those who want to be part of the 3% and see the value in this level of investment. We strive to provide high level coaching, resources and connections at a fraction of the cost of other group coaching programs. 

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             $149 / Paid Monthly                                                 

Full Access

Private Facebook Community Group

Leadership Training & Support

15-Minute Facebook Live Q&A

Aspire To Be International Program Discounts

VIP Access to Events

Meet The Experts Feature

Eligible To Speak At Our Events



$1499 One Time Payment
                   (save $289)                                    

Full Access

Private Facebook Community Group

Leadership Training & Support

Q&A Cameo Spotlight

Aspire To Be International Program Discounts

VIP Access to Events

Meet The Experts Feature

Eligible To Speak At Our Events

BONUS: 1-on-1 Private Coaching Session

BONUS: Featured Trainer With Opportunity To
Showcase Your Programs & Offerings



1. Join the community now by choosing an annual or monthly plan


2. Request access to our private Facebook group to start connecting with other Elite Entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and collaborate with you. 

Not sure if our community is right for you? We understand and want this to be a good fit for you and your business.
Click the Learn More button to go to our Getting Started page to fill out an application, answer a few questions and schedule a time to connect with us.
We look forward to chatting with you. 

Who We Are...

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Kendra Dahlstrom is a Elite Entrepreneur, a High-Performance Coach, and a Leadership Consultant who applies her deep understanding of impact-driven business strategy to Entrepreneurs' businesses. 

She’s also an unabashedly dedicated wife and mother and she considers those the most important roles she plays in her life. Her approach is a unique hybrid of her corporate Fortune 500 experience, high-performance coaching, and personal life experience. On her journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship, she quickly recognized a deep need for a like-minded, non-competitive community to bring female entrepreneurs together to help them scale-up their business without overwhelm. This is how Aspire To Be International was founded in 2017, which is now recognized as one of the fastest organically growing communities helping six-figure earners grow to seven. 

When Kendra isn't coaching private clients or attending to her value-driven community, she is most definitely with her family enjoying the outdoors and life's precious moments. You will see her traveling from time to time across the country speaking on topics like Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Momprenuership, and Mindset  although limited due to her commitment to spend time with her family at home. 


Alison McCann is a Elite Entrepreneur and Life Coach who uses her Sales savvy and her problem solving as COO of Aspire to Be International in new ways to create massive global impact. 

She has more than 20 years of sales, marketing, business management, and high performance strategy consulting experience. Alison is dedicated to expanding her client’s vision into reality. Her expertise spans from budget management, cost negotiations, demographic and competitor analysis, brand development, social media marketing, sales strategy, and creating an operations structure from start to finish. Her unique perspective is how she integrates her Life Coaching Certification into her client relationships and consulting engagements.

When Alison is not supporting and growing her and her clients businesses, she is dedicated to raising her 11- year old son Connor and enjoys travel, horseback riding, golf, and continued personal development.  God, family, friends, and being of service are the cornerstones of Alison’s life.