Aspire To Be ImpactFULL


True Abundance and Prosperity are about IMPACT. Nothing else.

Your business is evidence of where your mind is.

Kendra Dahlstrom & Alison McCann

Increase your visibility, exposure, and attract more clients

It's hard to stand out in a saturated market - we get it. And this is why we created Aspire to Be ImpactFULL. There is something that can be done so you can work smarter, not harder AND be authentic. It's called Integrated Cause Marketing and it takes cause marketing or cause-branding as we know it today to an entirely new realm. 

And guess what? There is a way to leverage Integrated Cause Marketing to really differentiate yourself to exponentially grow your business and bottom line and do it in a meaningful way.  That is what this program is all about.

A fast-paced deep dive into one of the seven modules in the larger Aspire To Be HeartFULL program, this program was specifically designed for globally conscious, heart-centered entrepreneurs in both service-based and product developments and sales roles who want to feel more heart in their work and give back in a big way, and who want to really differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition. For this reason, we only accept a finite number of participants through our application process. You will re-learn the criticality of impact and the importance of it's deep integration into daily lives for this to be successful. 

  • The program includes:
    • Six weeks of high touch guidance and support to help you increase your visibility, get more exposure, and attract more clients and strategic partners as you are creating impact in a new and meaningful way 
    • Participate in 6 weeks of weeks of high impact, interactive group coaching and support (valued at $4500)
    • Step by step templates in Google docs for you to complete the work and keep it documented as an evergreen (valued at $1000)
    • Opportunity to participate and learn in 3 coaching “Hot Seats” (valued at $2700)
    • Receive 2 BONUS sessions to talk through your next steps and get 1:1 guidance and support (valued at $2400)
    • Access to the Aspire To Be International community for two months (valued at $3300)

Value = $12k

Full Investment = $4997

Introductory offer $3497

Payment Plan

P.S. If you are still thinking about it, schedule a call with us. We are happy to speak with you. 


Kendra provided me great inspiration and strategies and techniques that will help me drive forward in my career and life.”
- Stephanie Murray-Schwartzman, Fortune 100 Company Certified Project Manager

Still Hope Uganda Orphanage


Aspire To Be International was privileged to donate money to this ministry to provide a new roof for the home and school for 150 orphans in Uganda. This is the picture we received 72 hours after we made our donation. 

This is the power of giving through your business and making it part of your ongoing strategy to serve.