It's my passion to help women of Faith live the life God has planned for them. 


I won’t take you all the way back so let’s start in Spring of 2017. I had experienced many signs throughout my life that I would be connected to God in a closer way. After almost 20 years in corporate I was burnt out, exhausted, my marriage was stressed, and I felt like the unhealthiest healthy person I knew.

The tipping point was when I was convincing my sons bedtime wasn’t as bad as they think and I caught myself saying “bedtime is my favorite time of day.” I immediately thought to myself, this isn’t good. I should love and appreciate each day and want to wake up. I had to make a change.

Kendra Dahlstrom Coaching was born. My plan was to start my business so I could slowly transition from the corporate world to live a life that I love, serve others as well as in faith, and leave a legacy behind by helping other Mompreneurs in their businesses. So far, so good.

It sounds easy enough, but it wasn’t.  It was scary, challenging, and at times outright brutal. I started to question my world around me and what I thought to be true. I become aware of some of my autopilot tendencies that had served me so well in my life and my career, yet now they were really holding me back.

I’ll be honest, in the beginning I was evolving a lot. Moving quickly in lock step with the Lord’s calling of me. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what my calling really was here on earth, I just knew that I wanted three things:

  1. To be closer to Him in all things in my life, including the work I do

  2. To serve others in a deep way stimulating shifts at their core

  3. More downtime with my family and myself

It was all about Faith for me. I knew this next leap for me was to really trust in Him completely. Not leaving an ounce of doubt or worry for me to feel responsible. I had to learn how to relinquish full control to Him and yet know what my part in this partnership is here on earth. And to be transparent, I am still working on it. There is always work to do to grow closer to the Lord, right?!

What came out of this painful 18 months of coaching and evolution, shifting of my business model, and more was that it is my calling to help other Mompreneurs discover and live fully into their calling so they can fulfill their burning desire to do something “more,” and create a profitable legacy in the process (Jeremiah 29:11).

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, the good news is with God behind your back you can do anything. The not so good news is that there is no magic bullet. God is the magic and there is no bullet.

So I won’t ever promise you overnight success, or anything radical. However, as I said, with God anything is possible. When I work with clients, I use what has supported me through my process and cut out all the noise and frustration from the process. This significantly reduces the time it takes to exponentially grow your business. In this work I use Life Coaching techniques through the lens of the Bible to help my clients live their Calling to Him the way he envisioned (Ephesians 4:1).

with love and gratitude,

Kendra †♡


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